University Management System
5. University Management System

University Management System: Learnsoft has developed an integrated world-class university management software, is a web based software for effective management of universities in india and abroad. University management system develops and supports all the major university-wide administration.

LearnSoft University management system india primarily helps in the development, implementation and maintenance of essential university administrative systems. LearnSoft UMS practically covers the entire area of operations of the university. The system not only helps in daily operations of the university, but also provides the foundation to foster research and development on e-learning methodologies. LearnSoft is aided with user-friendly reports and ergonomic user-interface and thereby ensuring maximum user efficiency. It provides a comprehensive and innovative system for the effective management of content, learning, and assessment services. The main focus area in is on the integration of learning management system and university administrative applications.

The LearnSoft university management software india include admission module, administration module, academics module, accounts module, examination module and alumni Portal/s. LearnSoft can be deployed in any University campuses, which will brings significant impact on practically every functional area of the university. An underlying characteristic of LearnSoft is the use of appropriate technologies that can substantially reduce annual licensing costs, adopting business processes for better customer care and improved operational efficiencies, and use of reporting and analysis tools to support administration and decision making.

The development and support activities include software implementation, maintenance, enhancement and support. LearnSoft UMS provides two distinctive services: production processing support and systems development. Production processing provides support for the systems underlying technical infrastructure, overnight batch processing, and security. Systems development provides programming support for system enhancements as well as software maintenance. The emphasis in the production support area is on highly available, highly reliable systems adequately protected through the LearnSoft UMS security program.

The system is based on enterprise web portal technology for the realization of presentation tier and web services for interconnection between middle tiers. The implementation is flexible and scalable, by means of using open and popular technologies for enterprise application development and integration. The important feature of the UMS is spreading the work of applications for distributed automation over large distances which comprises of many campuses and centers.

In the systems development area, the emphasis is on providing software programming services that focus on maintaining and improving the administrative systems. This is accomplished by working closely with key campus administrative offices to determine best ways to enhance the systems to meet the administrative needs of the University. The LearnSoft UMS security services provides access to administrative systems as well as to other systems and protects these resources from unauthorized use, destruction, disclosure, or modification. To fulfil this mission, LearnSoft UMS continually updates its security strategy, making use of new security technologies and securing new systems and data against new threats.

LearnSoft University Management System

Student Information System:
  1. Pre-Admission Management
  2. Under Graduation Program
  3. Post-Graduate Program
  4. Research program
  5. Admission Management
Admission Module-Student Admission
  1. Online Application Registration System (OARS).
  2. Offline Application Processing.
  3. Entrance Test Processing.
  4. Admission Counselling.
  5. Various Statistical Reports
Administration Module
  1. Institution
  2. Department
  3. University Course
  4. Subject
  5. Subject Type Definition
  6. Subject Allocation
  7. Staff Allocation.
  8. Students
  9. Staff
  10. Time Table
  11. Fees Module
  12. Academics Management
  13. Examination Process
  14. Paper Setting
  15. Student Attendance & Analysis
  16. Student Marks & Analysis
  17. Secrecy
  18. Conduct of Examinations
Examination Module
  1. Internal Marks
  2. External Marks
  3. Evaluation Definition
  4. Grade Definition
  5. Stem Chart
  6. Moderation
  7. Publish Result
  8. Re-Exam
  9. Grade Report to Parents
  10. Statistical Reports to Management
  11. Evaluation and Results
  12. Finalized Internal Assessment
  13. Award List
  14. Re-valuation
  15. Issue of Results
  16. Award of Degree Management
  17. Alumni Management
  18. MIS Reports
  19. Security Management
Academics module
  1. Conduct courses online
  2. Online student tracking
  3. Online assignment submission and evaluation
  4. Attendance
  5. Offline
  6. Online
  7. Online Lecture Notes
  8. Upload Lecture Notes
  9. Logging the access of the lecture materials/notes by students
  10. Online Examination
  11. Setup Question Bank
  12. Generation of Question Paper
  13. Manual
  14. Automatic
  15. Exam Scheduling
  16. Practice Exam and Actual Exams
  17. Solution Display at the end of the exam (Optional)
  18. Article Management
  19. Discussion Forum
  20. Student Feedback - Analysis and appraisal of staff members
  21. Instant Messaging
  22. Self Assessment Tools
  23. Syllabus
  24. User websites
Human Resource System:
  1. Recruitment Management
  2. Employee (Personal) Information System
  3. Leave Management & Time Office
  4. Employee Appraisal System
Finance Management System:

Revenue Management Module

  1. Academic Fee Collection
  2. Hostel Fee Collection
  3. Reports
  4. Cost Center Management
  5. Budgeting (Cost Centre based) l Creditors System
  6. Debtors System
  7. Cash & Bank
  8. Purchase Management
  9. Assets Management
  10. Inventory & Stores Management
Payroll System:
  1. Earnings & Deduction Definitions
  2. Allowance Definitions & Masters
  3. Earnings, Deduction & Allowance
  4. Deductions
  5. Allowances
  6. Leave Management System
  7. Time Office Management
  8. Shifts Definition and Scheduling
  9. Overtime & Pay-By-Claim processing l Salary Definition & Scheduling
  10. Income Tax Calculation
  11. Pay-Slips generation and mailing
Space & Infrastructure Management System:
  1. Space Hierarchy Definition
  2. Space & Location Derivations
  3. Space Allocation Management
  4. Transport & Fleet Management
  5. General Maintenance Requisition Tracking System
Generic Utilities:
  1. Committee Management
  2. Meetings Management
  3. Visitor Management
  4. User & Security Administration
  5. Application & System Help Desk Management
  6. User based Application & Setup Customizations Alerts Engine: SMS/ Email/ Fax
Alumni Portal
  1. Search Friend
  2. My Profile
  3. Higher Studies
  4. Achievements
  5. Upload photo's
  6. Success Stories
  7. Placement News
  8. Guest Lectures
  9. Office Bearers
  10. Feedback