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1. Language lab software

Digital language lab software is a technological breakthrough by Earth Light Technologies for imparting high standards in teaching and learning with aid of ICT ("Information and Communications Technology"). The teacher is provided with content matching world class standards developed by specialists. The Award Winning facilities and features provided in the LearnSOFT language lab software offers an exclusive, result oriented, efficient and foolproof means to enrich the spoken language learning process. English language lab software Solution provides material for students at all levels of spoken language learning - from beginners to the near expert. All students inevitably improve their knowledge of spoken English from the positions that they were in at the start of the course. The facility throws open a new window of opportunities in the global job scenario. They excel in personal or telephonic interviews from potential employers in India or abroad and also qualify TOEFL, IELTS and other tests and entrance exams. LearnSoft is a real boon to for the Call Centre aspirant’s communication capability and capability in customer service.

Digital language lab is an instructional technology tool consisting of a source unit that can disseminate audio, audio/visual, and/or written materials to students at individual seats, with a wide variety of potential feedback mechanisms to the Student, Teacher or group of Students in the network. Teacher is the core part of the LearnSOFT Language Lab. All features are available in Teacher Console. The Connection manager ensures a stable and reliable connection with the students. The system automatically notifies any problems that arise between the student and the teacher system. The system connection manager continuously checks for new incoming connections, if any request occurs it processes the request automatically and reads out Student’s information - displayed as nodes. Student console needs to login before starting a session. Students are able to listen to files from their own library, practice and learn. The status bar displays the connection status. Whenever the Teacher console starts, the connection manager in the Student console will automatically locate the teacher and establish the connection with the Teacher.

When a student PC connects with the teacher PC, it automatically reads out the lessons list from the Teacher’s Shared Lesson database. Whenever the teacher adds a new file to the shared library, the system sends the new lesson details to the student. The student can either play the lessons directly from the student console or are able to download the lessons to their own local Student’s library. Sharing of lessons is the crucial part of networked based learning systems. The teacher is able to take care of individual student i.e., Call, Chat, Transfer files, Connect/Disconnect a student from Teacher console itself, etc.


  1. Teacher Console
  2. Student Consoles
  3. Basic & Advanced Digital Recorders
  4. Interactive Teaching
  5. Individual & Group Learning
  6. Remote Desktop Access
  7. Lesson Transfer for a Group / Individual students
  8. Text Chat & Group Chat
  9. Public Chat Room
  10. Video Recording & Broadcasting
  11. Text to Audio Conversion
  12. Lesson Preparation
  13. Lesson Playing
  14. Lesson Recording
  15. Lesson Comparing
  16. Graphical Voice Comparison
  17. Audio & Text Combine Studio
  18. Permanent Lessons Library
  19. Multimedia Support
  20. Audio & Video Broadcasting
  21. LearnSOFT Dictionary
  22. Detailed Trouble Shooting Guide
  23. User manual
  24. 24 X 7 Customer Support


The Teacher Console is provided with control functions to monitor all student positions. With this various batches, their session timings and their respective lessons can be organized. It has got unique features like options for listening to the native speakers and giving instructions to individual student with personalized attention. Enables teachers to run an impressive range of language learning exercises and activities and support their students individually. The Teacher can moderator the group discussions. Teacher’s system is the monitoring control of the Teacher console. It notifies the teacher when a student logs in. It gives the teacher an activity status on each student.

The teacher console enables the teachers to:

  1. Run an impressive range of language learning exercises and activities, and support their students individually.
  2. Discreetly monitor student activities even when students are working with live video content.
  3. Create their own study materials with the help of advanced tools.
  4. Add, play and even test the lessons.
  5. Simply walk-in and teach using any and all of their existing program materials.
  6. Pre-set the lessons, batches and sessions for the entire academic year.
  7. Have a two way communication with the students using Text chat audio and video conferencing facility.
  8. Remote listen-in on student microphone.
  9. Visually monitor the students through the screen capture facility.
  10. Text chat and video conferencing facility.
  11. Enhance the learning process by combining audio or video files with text explanations, using the Media player and text file viewer.
  12. Prepare their own custom content using the inbuilt voice recorder and video recorder.
  13. Review student work.
  14. Teach any language.


The student console enables the student to listen to model pronunciations or questions; repeat/answer/record the same if required. Listen to his performance and compare the same with the model for self assessment which is the key to fast learning. Students will get the pre-recorded lessons from the Teacher console after logging in. With the help of the student console, each student downloads the respective recorded lessons for the session on to the student system. Students can freely communicate with the teacher. Save recorded, typed files for teacher to hear and observe and evaluate. The student can be part of a group discussion. Correction of the students in case of any erratic pronunciation is possible by the teachers at any stage. Student can interact with teacher from the student console without disturbing others.

The student console enables the students to:

  1. Get effective guidance and individual attention from the teacher.
  2. Listen to the lessons pre-recorded by experts.
  3. Listen to model pronunciations or questions; repeat/answer/record the same if required, listen to their own performance and compare the same with the model for self assessment which is the key to fast learning.
  4. Work at their own pace and privacy.
  5. Cognize the language in a variable context.
  6. Submit a self-assessment at the end of each assignment to the teacher console for evaluation.
  7. Text chat with the teacher console for resolving any difficulties that may arise.
  8. Have an online access to the Dictionary.
  9. Have a Video conferencing facility.
  10. Store/access practice sessions till deletion.
  11. Have a two way communication with Teacher.
  12. And in a nutshell, it enables the student to master the language with ease and flow.
  13. LearnSOFT Dictionary is an added component of our Language Lab system, which contains more than 25,000 words with meaning, pronunciation and examples. Additional tools are provided for listening pronunciation, recording and comparing.


Digital language lab software solution facilitates rapid language learning through a combination of stimulating multimedia content, interactivity, and state of the art learning and communication tools. Learning research studies have shown that many students perform significantly better with visual content and hands-on interactivity. LogicielSM offers a digital English language lab software solution that combines multimedia content and interactive lessons that capture the interest and attention of all students, and stimulates a more efficient learning process.


ADVANCED RECORDER - Supports all type sound card and devices.Conversion of Audio Tape to digital format.) Multiple sound format (MP3, WAV, OGG etc) Wide variety of advanced features.
BASIC RECORDER - Easy to use interface, supports only WAV format.


The most exclusive feature of Digital language lab software is that it works like a teacher teaching individual students. When the teacher opens the Interactive Control, the student’s module automatically opens its interactive teaching console and all other open windows are disabled. When the Interactive Control is open the students have no control over their window.

When teacher adds a multimedia lesson and starts playing, automatically the entire student consoles will start playing the same lesson. They are not allowed to move the lesson forward or backward unless the teacher moves the lesson forward or backward. Students cannot close the window unless the teacher closes the window from Teacher Console, when this happens all the students interactive windows will be closed at the same moment.


Privacy & Effective Learning: - Individual headsets with microphones not only guarantee absolute privacy for student - teacher communications in the multimedia language lab but also ensure effective learning as it encourages even the self - consciously inhibited student to speak with confidence - without being worried about peer - ridicule common in a normal classroom setting. Moreover it reduces the classroom distraction as communication between a particular student and his/her teacher is completely independent of the rest of the group. It benefits to practice and assess any language and develop confidence among the learners.

Better Attention & Quicker Comprehension: - The LearnSOFT English language lab software is more attention-riveting for the student and increases the pace of comprehension as student coaching is purely based on level of study, grasping power as well as language aptitude among others.

Enhances listening skills & Encourages Self-Pacing: - Listening skills are automatically honed and with the added advantage of being able to pace oneself based on comprehension of recordings, the language is imbibed more naturally aiding confident delivery with an immaculate accent. It helps to practice and assess any language and develop confidence among the learners.

LearnSOFT English language lab can be broadly categorizes and abbreviated as VITI:

  1. Versatility- Text, Images, Audio, and Video can easily be integrated and the teacher can remodel and alter materials to fit the needs of a multitude of language teaching programs.
  2. Interactivity- Students can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the Teacher, and store results.
  3. Teacher Intervention- The teacher can make student-specific oral comments as well as have real-time control of students’ computers via Teacher’s Console, track student work, and much more...
  4. Independent Learning - Access to recourses beyond the timetable encourages independent learning.

Acoustics: - Irrespective of the seating arrangement in a language laboratory classroom setting, each student- by virtue of being privy to direct sound transmission- receives step- by- step guidance from the teacher to their headsets with crystal clear clarity.


LearnSOFT Language lab being a networked application, the Teacher acts as the server and necessarily needs to monitor all students. To achieve this, we have introduced an advanced technology - Remote Desktop Viewer. By using this, the teacher is able to capture any student's screen and view the same on his/her console. For future reference teacher can save the file as bit map image. The same can be later viewed on any photo editor or even from Language Lab Remote Desktop Control. This is one of the outstanding features of interactive language lab, and it acts like Remote Surveillance Camera.

Audio & Video Broadcasting

File transfer system helps the teacher to send lessons to the students system based on the progress of each student and the student can send back the completed exercise to the teacher for evaluation. The System supports broadcasting of files up to a file size of 2GB and the speed depends upon the network. All types of lesson files [MP3, DAT, MPG, AVI, txt etc] can be sent over the network. The students are able to watch the preview of lessons either directly from the teacher console or by downloading to their local folder. To improve the loading speed and overall efficiency of the program, it is highly recommended to delete all the lessons while quitting the program.


Lesson comparing means to hear one’s own voice with the experts voice. To compare a lesson, the student must open an audio file to start. This audio file will be used as reference file. When user clicks on record button, the audio will start playing the reference track as well as records the new voice from the student. Simultaneous process will take place. After stopping the comparison, the audio file saves automatically . Compare button will be active if a successful recording is done. To play the recorded lesson just click on the compare button. The system plays both sounds automatically. Thus students/ teacher is able to compare their pronunciation skills. This is another powerful extension to the LearnSOFT Language Lab System


Group Discussion (GD) is an essential part of Career Development. LearnSOFT Language Lab has the most modern group discussion facility. The Teacher is the authorized person (moderator) to start or end a GD at anytime. During group discussion, students are not allowed to do anything more than GD. Control over the student’s are maintained. This helps to keep discipline while talking.

  1. Add multiple students - up to Five
  2. Control the group real time
  3. Disconnect unwanted student
  4. Helps to improve the speaking skills of a student among a group.


Multimedia files are most useful for teaching any languages. Audio files help the students to study the pronunciation styles, accent etc. Video files can be shown to teach the lip moments. For situational English the teacher can show some flash files. LearnSOFT Language Lab software supports wide variety of multimedia formats available today. Supported File Types: AVI, MPG, DAT ,MP3, Wave, PDF, Doc, PPT ,Txt, swf and Flash Files etc.


VOICE CHAT :- Full duplex voice chat algorithms are used for two way communication. High voice fidelity and crisper clear sound are produced using Advanced Voice Chat Control. In LearnSOFT Language Lab voice chat controls works like an intercom facility. The Teacher or student is able to call each other directly with one click call button. Hang up buttons are also available. Features depend on the quality of sound card and head phones.

TALK TO ALL STUDENTS :- The power of voice communication is beyond imagination. With this principle in mind, we have introduced Talk to All feature. When the teacher wants to tell something or teach/lecture all the students at one time - Talk to all opens the voice chat automatically and all the logged in students are automatically connected and a new voice session is started. A message "Teacher is talking to all students.." appears. The Teacher is able to end this session with a simple click. Automatically the student voice chat window gets disconnected.

PEER TO PEER TEXT CHAT :- The term Peer to Peer means direct connection with another PC. Here language lab includes the most flexible and reliable direct chat option. By using this feature teacher is able to chat with each student at a time. For drawing the student’s attention, we have included a buzzer system to teacher console. When teacher clicks the buzz button, the student gets a screen movement effect that cannot be ignored and he easily reacts to the event.

LearnSOFT DICTIONARY :- LearnSOFT Dictonary is an added component of our Language Lab system, which contains more than 25,000 words with meanings, pronunciations and examples. Additional tools are provided for listening to pronunciations, recording and comparing. U.K & U.S English pronunciations are available.


Online Examination system consist of three user levels, Administrator, Teacher and Student. The Administrator can create new administrator, teacher and student. The Teacher can create and manage questions for the assigned subjects and can create new question papers by making use of the questions created for relevant subjects. The teacher is able to conduct examinations by selecting a question paper for eligible students. After the examination, each student can view and validate their answer sheets and are also able to view and take print out their answer sheets and brief results. Students can login in to the system using the information provided by the teacher/administrator. The student can attend an examination by entering the proper examination code. The Answer sheet will automatically be submit once the time limit is exceeded.

The Highlights of the LearnSOFT ONLINE EXAMINATION Module:

  1. Helps to create questions and broadcast the same to all the students
  2. Upto 30 students can enter for an exam at a time.
  3. The Students automatically receive the question sheet from the teacher module
  4. The Teacher can assign the time for the examination.
  5. The Teacher can create 16 types of questions in a single exam sheet.
  6. The Teacher can create the answer key, which will facilitate automatic evaluation. Manual evaluation also possible.